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Welcome to Thrive! I'm Jen. I am a Functional Medicine Specialist and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, former professional soccer player and Princeton University graduate.

Why would you or anyone you know want to invest your precious time and money into working with me? I'm qualified and let me tell you how. I'm a former Division I athlete, Ivy League Player of the Year and Princeton Sportswoman of the year. I competed for 7 years as a professional athlete in the National Women's Soccer League, having also played abroad in Australia's W-League, I know what it takes to emotionally, mentally and physically get to the next level on the field, on the plate, in the classroom and beyond.


I received my functional medicine certification from the School of Applied Functional Medicine and my holistic nutrition education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school. Currently I am studying Human Needs Psychology and another functional medicine certification to better support my clients in achieving rapid relief and wildly successful outcomes.

As your personal health coach, I'll be your ally in your journey toward your healthiest and happiest self. My programs are for highly driven individuals who are looking to create a healthier, more empowering future... A future where YOU are in the driver's seat of your health and life outcomes. Through partnering with your doctor in coordinated care (optional but encouraged), I help you take back control by educating, inspiring and empowering you in the areas of your greatest needs and goals. 


Currently, I work with my clients on a variety of issues to help them rebalance and THRIVE: weight loss, anti-inflammatory diet, reducing disease risk, improving cardiovascular health, reversing type 2 diabetes, overcoming anxiety and depression, strengthening digestion + absorption and overall gut health, sleep improvement, time management, identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, creating routines that deeply serve you as a unique individual, stress reduction, athletic + academic performance, acid reflux, resolving constipation or chronic diarrhea, and beyond.

Success Stories + Testimonials


— John, Police Officer, 42, 6 Month Program

"My top three goals upon starting the six month program were: 1) Weight Loss, 2) Gain Knowledge about better nutrition, 3) Lower blood sugar.


 Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me the knowledge to accomplish my goals.  Jen gave me thorough and complete answers to all of my questions. When I asked for information, she went out of her way to make sure I got the information and made sure I understood it.


I have lost weight, lowered my blood sugar and have been able to change my diet to healthier and more natural foods; and most importantly,  I can live and sustain this way of eating for a long time.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my weight loss. I have lost about 20 pounds.


I would describe Jen as passionate, knowledgeable and caring. She has a strong desire to help and see others succeed.


I would recommend Jen in a heartbeat. I would strongly recommend Jen to anyone needing help."

An Update on John's Progress:


Over the past 7 months since concluding our work together, John has continued to gradually and sustainably lose weight while improving his blood sugar levels. He is now down 27 pounds and counting... "His lowest weight in years”.

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