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Welcome to Thrive! I'm Jen. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, current professional soccer player and Princeton University graduate.

Why would you or anyone you know want to invest their time and money into working with me? I'm qualified and let me tell you how. I'm a former Division I athlete, Ivy League Player of the Year and Princeton Sportswoman of the year. As I enter my seventh year as a professional athlete, having also played abroad in Australia, I know what it takes to emotionally, mentally and physically get to the next level on the field, on the plate, in the classroom and beyond.


I received my holistic nutrition education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school. Currently I am also taking two functional medicine certifications to better support my clients in achieving rapid relief and wildly successful outcomes. By the end of 2019 I will officially be an Integrative Health Practitioner and graduate of the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

As your personal health coach, I'll be your partner in your journey toward your healthiest and happiest self. Although I work with clients on a variety of issues (weight loss, anti-inflammatory diet, reducing disease risk, improving digestion + absorption, sleep improvement, time management, stress reduction, athletic + academic performance, acid reflux, constipation, etc), my programs are for anyone looking to commit to a healthier future.

Success Stories + Testimonials


— Vicki, Information Technology, 48

"Now that my health is getting better I want to focus on building a career. More learning! I love it." 

"Jen truly opened a door and showed me a path. A lot of hard work in the beginning and there were challenges; however, Jen stepped me through this process and guided me and I never felt alone, judged or like I wasn’t on the right path. The results are for me, a new way of being and a new way to have energy for all of the other things I want to accomplish in my life. Jen has a very calming and reassuring manner with a lot of enthusiasm for your learning and well- being. She also keeps you accountable for the health plan you are seeking which is a sign of a good Health Coach and a great partnership for a balanced life. I thought I was doing well with going to the gym and losing a lot of weight however, there is a whole other level that I was missing out on. I look forward to working with Jen again on some future health goals as I learn to incorporate what I’ve already learned."

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