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6 Month Program

Who Benefits from the 6 Month Program?

The short answer is everyone! This program is for you if you want a NEW & SUSTAINABLE health and wellness strategy. You want to take back control of your life and are ready to make the ultimate commitment to yourself. Perhaps you have tried many diet and fitness programs, but nothing has achieved the lasting results you desire. Nothing has quite given you the tools to sustainably reach and maintain your goals. I want to help you reach your goals AND THEN set more. I will lovingly support you while also holding you accountable and encourage you to push past your comfort zone. Why? Long term change and freedom exist beyond your comfort zone, and we will go there together.


This is the most comprehensive program I currently offer. It is for people who are truly ready to dig deep in order to reveal their best, most vibrant selves. In this 6 Month Program I strive to arm you with tools to move forward without me and sustain the progress we make together. You'll leave me feeling independent, informed and empowered in your health and wellness.

Why six months? Great question. It has been shown that, during this duration of time, when people build habits into their life they are able to sustain those habits for the long term. Often we will experience a majority of life events in a six month period. Having me as your health coach, best friend, accountability buddy and biggest fan helps my clients to successfully navigate the ups and downs, stay on track and learn what serves them for the future.

What's Included

  • Two 50 Minute Sessions for 6 Months (12 sessions)

  • Free Handouts and Resources Personalized for You

  • Email & Text Support Between Sessions To Ensure You Feel Supported Throughout

  • The Offline Research I Do to Support Your Program and Success

  • My Go-To Podcast and Book Recommendations

  • My Full List of Healthy Homemade Recipes

  • Healthy Home Pantry Makeover

Please contact me for more information or to sign up. See FAQs for more details.

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The initial, confidential 90 minute session to get acquainted and identify your health goals + concerns. You'll learn how to have my support to permanently reach your goals.

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Redefining your health and wellness strategy.


3 Month Program

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Home Pantry Makeover


Been wanting a mentor to help you navigate your academic, athletic, health and professional goals? Join the #ThriveTribe Team.

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