Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  If I do a Health History (HH) am I automatically locked into a program?

No. The HH is simply an introductory session. It is a required first step before signing on to a program with me, but there are no strings attached. After the 90 minute HH, should you decide that working together isn't currently in your best interest then you're free to go! You'll still receive a comprehensive follow up email with my rapid relief recommendations and information about the interconnectedness that I see at play in your unique body. I am confident that, even if we don't end up working together, you'll leave the HH feeling empowered with an understanding of next steps to support you in your goals.

2.  I am a Student Athlete or Parent of a Student Athlete who is interested in your Student Athlete Mentorship Program. Why do I need to do a Health History?


In order to best support you, primarily as a mentor with a reduced emphasis on health coaching, doing a comprehensive health evaluation helps me best support you in achieving your powerful goals, both on and off the field. During this session we'll explore your goals, why this is the right time for you to work with me, and how you hope I can support you in achieving them. Ultimately, after the HH, I'll be able to better target my diet, lifestyle, mindset and supplement recommendations for your unique body because I have a detailed history on you.

3.  Functional Medicine... What is it?  


Functional Medicine takes a root cause resolution approach to health and rebalancing the body. Conventional medicine shines in cases of acute care. We are so fortunate to have modern medicine for this reason. However, where Functional Medicine really shines is in the area of rebalancing chronic disease (think Type II Diabetes, Joint Pain, Autoimmune, Depression, Anxiety, Gut Health, Allergy & Asthma, Thyroid Health, etc). The conventional medicine model too often involves a diagnosis and a lifetime of dependence on medication. Think acid reflux and proton pump inhibitors, depression and SSRIs and Metformin for diabetes. In contrast, the world of functional medicine is about being proactive about existing imbalances by identifying the root cause drivers and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

4.  Holistic? What does this mean?

Holistic defined: "The belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.​.. Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease." In other words, as it relates to health, holistic means looking at the big picture. It involves considering a variety of lifestyle factors, both on and off the plate, with the intention to identify the root cause rather than treating symptoms.

5.  Is a Health Coach a Nutritionist?

No. Health Coaches are not Nutritionists, although both professionals do share similar goals in helping their clients toward thriving health. While a traditional nutritionist might focus primarily on food and diet, Functional Medicine and Holistic Health Coaches take a big picture approach to a client's health that goes beyond the plate. Health Coaches use a combination of lifestyle and dietary factors to assist clients in achieving their goals. As a Functional Medicine Specialist and Holistic Health Coach I recognize that every physical body is different so I embrace the concept of bio-individuality (one person’s medicine can be another’s poison) to help my clients get and stay well. Every client will experience a unique and customized program.


6.  What is a Health Coach?

There is a lot of buzz around this term, and for good reason! Health coaching has emerged as a $6 billion service market, and with 86% of the nation's $2.7 trillion annual healthcare expenditures spent on chronic and mental diseases, doctors are partnering up with health coaches more than ever to assist in improved coordinated care, preventative health and patient recovery. Health Coaches are health educators who motivate and advise clients to change unhealthy lifestyle habits and achieve their wellness goals (think: improved sleep, weight loss, stress management, preventing/managing chronic diseases). They act as mentors and accountability partners to help their clients discover what makes them thrive.


7.  Can I still do a program with you if we don't live in the same city?

Absolutely! In fact, 100% of my business is now virtual. We use Skype for our calls. At the moment I have clients all over the world... In Chicago, New Jersey, Texas, Singapore, London and Australia.

8.  If I don't sign up for a program can I still sign up for a Health History with you?

Yes, of course. Click on the 'Apply Today; button at the top of this page. Select the program that you're most interested in, even if you're unsure. I'll respond with a health intake form for you to fill out, and once I receive your completed pages + payment we will set up a 90-minute virtual meeting. You'll leave that session with a complete follow up email of the max impact, rapid relief items for you to get started on immediately. You'll also get my recommendations for the best program to fit your needs, should you choose to do more work with me in the future.

9.  You offer different programs. Which one is best for me?

Send me an email at and we'll set up a 20 minute Skype call to figure out which program best fits you :) Quick answer: It depends on where you are in your health journey and the degree to which you are willing and able to commit. As with anything, where energy goes, energy flows! So the more time and attention you dedicate to your health and wellness the more likely you are to experience a fuller transformation and the sustainable change you seek. Regardless of what you choose, I am confident that you will finish every program feeling empowered, both on and off the plate.

10.  What payment options do you accept?

My programs are priced based on payment sent via Stripe. Stripe is an auto-billing service. Once we begin a program together you will be billed on the same day of the month for the duration of your program. FYI: Our session(s) for that month may happen multiple days after you are billed. This is normal and helps simplify the billing process.

11.  Do you accept Scholarship Clients?

Yes, I do. I believe that everyone should have access to health coaching. If you genuinely wish to work with me, are committed 100% to your personal growth, but truly cannot afford my rates, then please send me an email to discuss your situation. I accept 2 scholarship clients at a given time.

If there are any unanswered questions that you feel should be here please email me at Thank you.