Disease Begins In The Gut

Jen is featured on the Luke Bunder Podcast to discuss the importance of gut health.

Click here to listen to the podcast (it's podcast #4).

Show Notes

0:56 Why you should care about your gut health

2:40 The body wants to rebalance; You’re not stuck with your existing gut health

2:55 The gut brain connection

4:40 The start of Jen’s gut health journey

6:25 Dairy and sinus infection connection (especially in young children/babies)

7:00 The impact of antibiotics on the balance of gut bacteria

8:45 Intro to eating hygiene (if you have existing gut symptoms START WITH THESE TOOLS FIRST)

12:35 Quick client case studies (eczema + autoimmune imbalances)

14:45 Intro to Leaky gut aka increased intestinal permeability

17:45 Auto Immune & Functional Medicine Theories on Root Causes

19:40 How to heal and seal + support the gut lining 

23:04 Recommendation #1 that you can apply immediately = Optimize Vitamin D levels

24:20 Other benefits of optimized Vitamin D Levels

24:50 Low Vitamin D levels linked to higher risk when contracting COVID

27:30 Benefits of daily habits, routines and nutrients on quality years

31:50 The value of mentors and coaches

32:30 Recommendations #2 and #3 to apply immediately

37:00 “Primary Food” and shifting the perspective around loving the process of preparing and creating your food

40:00 Another way to view ‘failure’ and low mood/anxiety/depression (as feedback)

41:00 Luke‘s journey to self acceptance with food and body image

44:00 Touching on Jen’s journey toward increased food freedom

45:30 More on “Primary Food,” aka the things that fuel us off the plate (relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality)

Links + Downloads

Here are the links to products + downloadable PDF files that Jen and Luke mention:

  1. Healthy Gut Support. If you do nothing else, this is the all in one gut healing + sealing product that Jen uses twice a year for 1-2 months at a time.

  2. Antibiotic Protocol Jen uses when lifesaving antibiotics are needed (please consult with your doctor as this is not medical advice):

    1. Clean Gut Support Probiotic - Jen uses thois for 1 month. I take it 6 hours away from the antibiotic. Once finished antibiotic I take this probiotic on an empty stomach before bed.

    2. Healthy Gut Support - I use for 1-2 months. Helps support the integrity of the gut lining. Take 6 hours away from probiotic.

    3. Once done with #1 and #2 then I finish with 1 month of the Daily Probiotic Support Probiotic.

    4. *I use similar high quality products that contain the same ingredients when purchasing through other supplement companies.

  3. Eating Hygiene Fundamentals

    1. See PDF download below. Start here if you have existing gut issues.

  4. Circle Of Life

    1. See PDF download below. Do this once every 3 months. The Circle of Life quickly shows the status of your 'Primary Food,' aka the fuel that nourshies us off of the plate (I like to refer to the food we eat as 'Secondary Food'). Primary Food consists of 4 main categories - Relationships, Career, Physical Activity, Spirituality - and then breaks down further into additional subcategories. When your Primary Food is more filled out our needs/cravings for foods and choices that don't truly serve us tend to fade away.