Nutrition & Lifestyle 12 Program

6 Months, 12 Sessions

Welcome to the Nutrition & Lifestyle 12 Program (N&L12). If you are interested in signing up for the N&L12 then the first step is the Health History, a 90 minute virtual Zoom call with Jen. Click on the button below to book your Health History today. So that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the Health History please read the entire Health History description within the Calendly event. If you can't find a time that works for you please email

This program includes the following:

  1. Two 90 minute Zoom sessions per month for six months (12 total sessions). We meet once every two weeks on the same date and time each month.​ Valued at $450 USD / Month.

    1. Additional Sessions and increased, 1-1 access to me? Clients have the option to schedule additional sessions on an as needed/desired basis at a rate of $150 USD per hour.

  2. A Pre-Session Form Each Month. I email this form to you and you return it to me 48 hours before your session. This gets me up to speed with your progress, needs and questions so that I can best prepare for our time together. 

  3. A Detailed Follow Up Email After Each Session containing updates to your protocol, my personalized recommendations for you and tools to support your goals + rebalancing. Valued at $75 / Month.​​

  4. Weekday text and audio message support between sessions to ensure you feel supported. I typically respond same day or within 2-12 hours to text and audio messages. Valued at $75 USD / Month.

  5. The offline research, preparation and time I dedicate to preparing for the success of each session. Valued at $150 USD / Month.

  6. Bonuses:

    1. As one of the 12 sessions: A Virtual Home Pantry Makeover.

    2. Weekday email support. For emails that are not urgent, I guarantee a response within 72 hours.

    3. Educational resources related to your unique needs and interests (podcast recommendations, relevant handouts, videos, books, etc).

    4. Specific Annual Lab Work Marker Recommendations to obtain through your PCP, when appropriate, and my analysis of results + recommendations. 

  7. Each Program Will Include (but is certainly not limited to) the following content:

    1. Personalized Recommendations and Protocols

    2. Each session will include a discussion of your progress and a follow up email with recommendations/tasks/action items to be completed between each session.

    3. ​Review and explanation of FM Labs

    4. Review and explanation of annual blood work markers (when appropriate)

    5. Design + review of your Personalized Wellness Plan​

    6. Personalized meal plan template based on your needs and goals

    7. Grocery shopping list

    8. Personalized nutrition and supplement protocols

    9. Personalized detoxification protocols (you'll leave this program knowing how to implement these protocols seasonally or annually and maintain a low toxic load moving forward)

    10. Relationship Support, Enhancement & Mastery

    11. Sleep protocols

    12. Stress reduction tools

    13. Emotional balance and success mindset worksheets

    14. Exercise routine suggestions

  8. The cost of this program does not include labs, food or nutritional supplements.


$975 USD Per Month

(Weekly Payment Plans are available upon request.)

This investment comes out to $32.50 per Day.

*After completing the foundation of your first 6 months you may decide to renew if mutually agreed upon. This renewal can be for a shorter program length based on your needs/goals. Or you can choose to meet with me on an as needed basis in the future.