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Healthy Home Pantry Makeover

Who Benefits from the Home Pantry Makeover?

Does your home pantry, refrigerator and freezer supporting your health and the goals you have for yourself? Let's find out! I will provide you with a form where you will complete a food inventory to get me up to speed on your current pantry, refrigerator and freezer status. I call this my FIT form = Food Inventory Tool. We'll establish your baseline (what are your dietary trends right now), develop actionable and realistic goals and create an action plan to support you moving forward. I'll introduce you to my favorite tips and tricks read food labels, avoid harmful ingredients and stock your home with nothing but the best without breaking the bank. We'll cover topics like:

  • Food Label Basics

    • How to read labels​​​ and make choices that are aligned with your health goals

    • A Deep Dive on salt content, healthy vs unhealthy fats, fat content, whole grains, calories, added sugar, fiber, etc

    • Identifying and avoiding harmful ingredients, additives and chemicals

  • Identifying the Food Group Proportions in your Current Diet (fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, fats, water, caffeine, etc)

  • Healthy Swaps to Crowd Out Processed Alternatives

  • Healthy Cooking Methods that Maximize Nutrition and Taste

  • My Go-To Tips & Tricks for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Ultimately I like to meet my clients where they are at. If you'd prefer to try a different approach, no problem! Send me a message below and we'll create a custom Home Pantry that best fits you!

What's Included

  • Review of Your Competed FIT Form (Food Inventory Tool)

  • One 60 Minute Facetime or Skype session

  • Free Handouts and Resources Personalized For You

  • Relevant Podcast and Book Recommendations

Please contact me for more information or to sign up. See FAQs for more details.

Other Programs

Want to see if we're a good fit for each other? Send me a message and let's get started.

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The initial, confidential 90 minute session to get acquainted and identify your health goals + concerns. You'll learn how to have my support to permanently reach your goals.

Health History

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The ultimate commitment to your health. You are all in! You are ready to do the deep work and become the BEST you. 

12 Month Program

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Six months is the ideal amount of time to create a new and sustainable wellness strategy. During this timeframe you'll experience the majority of life's events and have my support to navigate them.

6 Month Program

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Been wanting a mentor to help you navigate your academic, athletic, health and professional goals? Join the #ThriveTribe Team.

Thrive Student Athlete


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