Healthy Home Pantry Makeover

This 60 minute session is included as part of the Nutrition & Lifestyle 24 and Nutrition & Lifestyle 12 Programs.

Does your home pantry support your health and the goals you have for yourself? Let's find out. Before this session you'll complete a form to get me up to speed on your dietary trends and go to products. I call this my FIT form (Food Inventory Tool), and you'll leave with an action plan to support you moving forward.


We'll cover topics such as:​​

  • Food Label Basics

    • How to read labels​​​ and make choices that are aligned with your health goals and reducing total toxic load

    • Improving the quality of your go-to meals/products, healthy snack alternatives

    • Salt quality + content, healthy vs unhealthy fats, why calories from fat are important to note, determining if a products is made from whole grains, the meaning of fiber, calorie quality, added sugar, etc

    • Identifying and avoiding harmful food based ingredients, additives and chemicals

  • How to reduce the total toxic load in your home and beauty/cleaning products

  • Why you should care about the quality of your water (drinking water, shower/bath water) + water filtration systems I recommend

  • How to reduce food waste and save money

  • Oil quality and which oils to use for cooking

  • Identifying the Food Group Proportions in your Current Diet and how that can be tweaked to more efficiently move your toward your goals (fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, fats, water, caffeine, etc)

  • Healthy Swaps to Crowd Out Processed Alternatives

  • Healthy Cooking Methods that Maximize Nutrition and Taste

  • My Tips & Tricks for Eating Healthy on a Budget

What's Included

  • Review of Your Competed FIT Form (Food Inventory Tool)

  • One 60 Minute Skype Session

  • Relevant Handouts, Resources and Tools Personalized For You in A Follow Up Email

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