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An overwhelming amount of data suggests that we are not our genes. Instead, we are the genes that we express. This means that our choices and lifestyle can turn on or turn off specific genes based on how we are uniquely wired. This is empowering and exciting because it supports the idea that we can be proactive + preventative about whether we thrive or simply survive.

Below I've included some powerful statistics.

This page is a great place to start for those who are curious about: 

1. Why being proactive about your health can change your life, reduce your total toxic load and lower disease risk.

2. The role and impact of health coaches

3. My Core Coaching Values

4. How I approach my work with clients

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Chapter 1: Why Be Proactive About Your Health?
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Currently There is a Landscape of Disease and Sick-care.

  1. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Think: heart disease, diabetes, asthma and cancer.

  2. Over 1 million American lives could be saved annually through better preventative care and treatment of chronic disease.

  3. 60% of Americans have one chronic condition and 40% have more than 1. Women are at a greater risk of having multiple chronic conditions.

  4. 75-90% of doctor visits involve stress related complaints. Emotional stress is a major contributing factor in chronic disease.

The Empowering Positive: The CDC estimates that 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer could be prevented, delayed or alleviated through simple diet and lifestyle changes. These statistics are staggering... Yet the ability to prevent chronic disease and change the story is encouraging. 

An overwhelming amount of data is coming out that suggests we are not our genes. Instead, we are what we express of those genes. Our choices and lifestyle can turn on or turn off genes. THIS IS EMPOWERING and exciting because it supports the idea that we can be proactive + preventative about whether we thrive or simply survive.

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Chapter 2: The Role of Health Coaches.


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Why health coaches? The way we treat our bodies matters. Our choices can either promote health or fuel dis-ease. As a health coach, I support my clients in making lifestyle shifts that 1) reduce their disease risk and 2) promote healing + relief from inflammatory symptoms while 3) achieving their unique goals.


Health Coaches vs. Doctors? Doctors are amazing! They are essential. To complement our doctors' efforts, WE must take personal responsibility for everyday choices we make that influence our health. As a Health Coach I bridge the gap between doctors and patients by assisting in coordinated care. Sometimes I work directly with doctors to support our patients in implementing their recommendations to maximize relief and recovery. As a holistic health coach I am passionate about taking a big picture approach in order to under-cover the root cause rather than simply treating symptoms.

My Mission: To help you live the happiest, healthiest and most empowered life. I believe in proactive healthcare rooted in a commitment to whole foods, a balanced lifestyle and getting to the root cause of existing imbalances. Together we will uncover what nourishes you on the deepest level so that you can become an expert on YOU. It is my goal to empower, inspire and educate you so that you can confidently take charge of your own wellness and transform your health.

Why? When we are thriving (rather than just feeling ‘fine’) we are able to share our greatest gifts with the world! We are more generous. We are joyful! We are unstoppable!

Do these questions apply to you?

Do your energy levels support you every day?

Are you eating a ‘clean diet’ but you just can’t seem to maintain your ideal weight?

Are you more stressed than is good for you?

Are you having trouble sleeping through the night?

Are you struggling with acid reflux, constipation or other digestive issues?

Are your choices leading to deteriorating health and happiness?

Are you unsure how to support yourself and/or your family with healthy nutrition?

Have you been searching for a lasting wellness strategy for long term success?

Has your doctor told you that you need to make changes?

Chapter 3: My Core Coaching Values.

At the core of my programs there are seven guiding principles.

Deconstructing Cravings

Cravings aren't bad. In fact, they are valuable feedback from the perfect bio-computer that is your body. Cravings can be a symptom deeper emotional, psychological and physiological imbalances. Fascinating, huh? Together we'll figure out what your cravings are telling you.


The concept that one person’s food or medicine can be another’s poison.

Crowding Out

A thriving life is about mindfulness and balance. I'll help you get there by avoiding restrictive diets and embracing abundance. Crowding out means incorporating more of the good stuff to naturally push out less healthy alternatives. Not only does this apply to food but also to toxic environments and people.


Primary Food

This is the life energy that most deeply nourishes and sustains us. How? Through our relationships (love!), career, spirituality and physical activity. Have you ever noticed that when these four areas of Primary Food are full your need for food is secondary? Even cravings fade away as the love within AND FOR our lives increases!

Secondary Food

We will dive into discussions about the physical food you eat in order to hone in on what really makes you think, feel and move best.


Get your body sweating in a way that you love! I always encourage my clients to move in a way that inspires them! Why is it that we rarely regret showing up on the yoga mat, doing a run, walking to the store or getting an hour in at the gym? Because once it's all said and done it makes us feel so much better than before. Cue endorphin rush.

Given Half a Chance the Human Body Will Get Itself Well by Itself.

People too often get sick because for far too long they have been moving too fast, working too 

hard and under nourishing themselves. Cue imbalance and disease (aka dis-ease). Rather than being about the healer my programs are all about the client and helping them learn how to get themselves well by themselves through proactive diet and lifestyle shifts.​



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Chapter 4: My Approach.

Progress, Not Perfection

I deeply believe in the transformational power of my health coaching programs.


I act as a catalyst for my clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Think: weight loss/gain/maintenance, increased energy, improved sleep, non-toxic living, improved digestion, reduced anxiety, improved athletic performance + recovery and beyond. My clients become my family and I work hard to ensure they receive the tools they will need to move forward without me. There is no better feeling than when a client experiences their own transformational power and reclaims their health + sense of control. It is my goal to help you become a specialist on YOU.


  1. Stress, lack of sleep and low energy levels keep us in a low vibration. They make it harder to feel good and live in alignment with our bigger purpose. We'll implement immediate diet and lifestyle shifts that are personalized for you. I'll meet you where you are at and together we will build to find out what nourishes you on the deepest level. 

  2. We will tackle limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of taking action that is aligned with your BEST, MOST AUTHENTIC YOU.​ Knowledge is power, but it is only deeply empowering when it is accompanied by inspiration and action.

  3. I'll teach you how to choose, buy and cook nutrient dense foods so that you can be sure you are truly nourishing yourself (and your family) from the inside out.

  4. I am an ally to doctors. With your consent, I help streamline coordinated care by simplifying and implementing your doctor's recommendations related to diet, physical activity, medication and beyond.

  5. Our work together will help you more effectively advocate for yourself within the healthcare system.

  6. Together we will focus on reducing your risk of inflammatory chronic disease by making sustainable diet and lifestyle shifts that fit your unique body. Feeling alive, energetic and healthy doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it actually should feel (and taste) so good!