Safest + Most Natural Sweeteners

🍒 Stevia (extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant)

🍒 Coconut milk / flesh / oil (I’ll be positing a coconut, almond fudge recipe soon!)

🍒Summer squash / sweet potato

🍒 Cinnamon

🍒 Whole fruit (ripe bananas, dates like in the date paste above. Just blend dates and hot water.)

🍒 Rice malt syrup (fermented brown rice)

🍒 Xylitol and erythritol (sugar alcohols - these two are more digestible than other sugar alcohols)

These recommendations come from @_sarahwilson_ ’s work related to her book #IQuitSugar and how she has naturally changed her diet and lifestyle after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Here’s some other helpful and related information from her ✨🙏🏼💕.

🌱 Science is now showing a correlation (if not a causation) between sugar and most metabolic disease. Long story short sugar is a big cause of inflammation and it really messes with your gut.

🌱 Up healthy fats in your diet to help control appetite and feel satiated (avocado, nuts, seeds, cold pressed EVOO, unrefined coconut oil). PS: many essential vitamins (think A, E, K, D) in our fruits and vegetables are only absorbed in the presence of fat so that’s another reason to add it in.

🌱 The most effective wellness tool she know is to learn / know how to cook. This helps us avoid a ton of the sugar hidden in our food supply found in processed products and at many restaurants (especially in sauces.)

🌱She’s all about the notion of food freedom... The idea that quitting or reducing sugar helps us regain our natural appetite and identify true hunger + fullness rather than being a prisoner to food and habitual mechanisms (aka cravings).

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