Feature Friday #1: A Fermentation Conversation

October 27, 2017

What’s up you guys!? I’m excited to be sharing my first Feature Friday with you! This one is based in my second home city of Chicago... I hail from Pennsylvania but I’ve lived and worked in The Windy City for the past 5 years pursuing the nomadic lifestyle that is playing the B-E-A-uuuutiful game ⚽️.

#FeatureFriday #1 is The Kombucha Room aka TKR located in Logan Square on Milwaukee Ave. Hands down TKR is in one of my favorite parts of town. Go check it out and shower them in your love if you like organic kombucha, supporting local businesses and soaking up good vibes.


The owner's message + fermentation & kombucha real talk:

  • The owner’s name is Mel. She’s lovely btw. She founded her business bc she wanted a place where she could find all of the best tasting, highest quality booches in one spot. 

  • The menu has changed since I was there, but this semi-pop up is all about supporting local brewers and using organic ingredients.

  • PRO TIP: try their kombucha flights! They offer a fun way to sample more of the menu.

  • As far as health is concerned - fermented foods help promote gut health and other great veg sources include coconut yogurt, kimchi and miso.

  • Kombucha is packed with active enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants, buuuut with that said the health benefits are still being researched.

  • So get it from a known source, and with anything, moderation is the name of the game. Based on my research the sweet spot in terms of serving size is about 4oz, and be especially careful when consuming home brewed kombucha because over fermentation can raise toxicity levels (think excess acid from over-fermentation esp when consuming 4-14+ ounces at a time).

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