Homemade Carrot Soup (V, GF)

It's still chilly here in New Jersey so I've been warming up with lots of soup these days. My sweet momma is the queen of homemade soups, so s/o to her for this magical, nutrient dense recipe! I love making it when I have a bunch of veggies that are starting to go bad. This soup also freezes beautifully. We make it in bulk and toss leftovers in the freezer for when we're in a crunch for time. I top mine with Mary's gluten free flax crackers (my recent obsession) and sometimes a bit of coconut cream.




1 large onion

3 cloves minced garlic

1 tbsp fresh, grated ginger

2 stalks celery

½ minced jalapeño

1-3 tbsp EVOO or coconut oil

2 boxes low sodium vegetable broth

10 large carrots

1 large white potato

Any other veggies you have (kale, zucchini, cucumber, pepper, etc)

1 tbsp sea salt

2 tsp pepper

My veg protein: 1 15oz can of chickpeas (I buy low sodium, preservative free)

Optional: any dried or fresh herbs of choice (parsley, basil)




Sauté chopped onion, garlic, celery, jalapeño and pepper in oil. Once the oil starts to get soaked up add a ½ cup to a cup of broth and the grated ginger. Put lid back on to keep your broth from evaporating. Once soft fill the pot with the remaining broth. Bring to a boil and add half of the cut carrots and diced potato. This is when you should add any extra veggies lying around your kitchen and season with the salt, basil and parsley. Replace lid.


Once the carrots and potato are soft immersion blend the contents to thicken the soup. This is a trick that my mom and I use to thicken the broth without using wheat, dairy or coconut cream. Add any extra broth or water to obtain the consistency you desire then return to a boil with lid. Add the remaining carrots. Once soft add a can of chickpeas with the liquid. Season to taste with salt and pepper.


I'm all about the concept of bio-individuality (one person's medicine may be another's poison), so this soup can be made to fit everyone's needs. It's currently vegan and gluten free but here are ways to tweak it. When eating animal products I do highly encourage my friends, family and clients to buy the absolute best quality available to them:


Protein: chickpeas, any other beans of choice, cooked meat (cook before adding to soup toward the end)

Dairy: milk, cream, coconut cream

Broth: vegetable, chicken or beef

Grains: none, rice, quinoa, buckwheat noodles (cook before adding to soup at the end)