Jen's Newsletter Starts Next Week

Greetings Thrive Tribe,

I hope these first 9 months of 2019 have treated you well :)

What a year we’ve had so far! I started Thrive Health Consulting LLC in the summer of 2018, launched my website that November, and ever since I have been working with clients all around the world in pursuit of their highest, healthiest selves.

It truly is incredible how much we can do, achieve and become in just a few short, focused seasons, isn't it? My Thrive clients have been having this profound realisation which has resulted in their powerful, lifelong transformations. They know now, more than ever, that they are in control of their health, happiness and LIVES… That they are truly capable of reaching the goals they have set (and continue to set) for themselves.

Starting NOW we are kicking off the NEW “Thrive On This” newsletter.

The goal is to bring you as much value as possible, in an enjoyable, straight to the point, simple and easy to digest format... Kind of a menu style newsletter. Pick and choose what resonates with you and then take it all in.

My mission with this newsletter is to deliver to you the valuable things I discover throughout the week/month. What gold nuggets can you expect in future #ThriveOnThis newsletters? The podcasts I have found most valuable, cool articles, blog posts, amazing recipes, valuable lessons I learn, health education I'm absorbing from my studies, news and upcoming events, book recommendations, monthly challenges, thought provoking quotes and more!

Can’t wait to start sharing with you, Thrive Tribe! Keep an eye on your inbox.