4 Ways to Sleep All Night

Hey Thrive Tribe. Good morning from Australia!

Scroll down to find 4 tips (that I LOVE) for getting deeper sleep by Brendan Burchard.

Brendon has been recognized as one of the world's leading high performance coaches by Oprah Winfrey herself. He's the real deal. Below I've summarized his 4 tips to consistently have a deep, restful slumber from this 16 minute video.

His 3-2-1 Approach continues to be a game changer for me in upping the % of my nightly REM sleep + daily energy!

Of course, there's a lot more that goes into deep, restorative, immune-system-boosting sleep, but this is a POWERFUL place to start.

Sending my love, strength and endless deep Zzzzzs to all of you!

xx, Jen.

  1. Better structure your day aka WIN THE DAY

  2. Why? I love how Brendon articulates this = “Your evening routine is completely dictated by the quality of your daily structure… Often our evening is completely destroyed because we didn’t organize our day… We carry our stress into our bed.”

  3. How? Over time he recommends getting crystal clear on what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it. Ask yourself - “What are your major outputs for the day?”

  4. Energy to channel: Cultivate the intention to ENJOY the day. Find moments of peace, gratitude and love. “If you have positive energy during the day it’s so much easier to rest at night because you feel fulfilled.”

  5. 3-2-1 Pattern

  6. 3 = 3 hours (minimum) before bed he NEVER eats any food. (Set a bedtime every night, say 10pm. Always know what time you’re going to bed and count backwards from there. The digestive system needs time to process before going horizontal so that it can focus on deep sleep and repair vs digestion.)

  7. 2 = 2 hours before bed no work. (No social media, no scrolling, no news, no email = let your mind wind down.)

  8. 1 = 1 hour before bed no screen time. (This includes television and looking at the phone. Instead = journal, chat with your partner, clean up the kitchen so it’s sparkling in the morning, lay out clothes for the tomorrow.)

  9. Your Room Matters

  10. Why? During the day creating ideal environments matters to allow our creativity and joy to flow. The same thing applies to our bedroom for deep, rejuvenating sleep.

  11. Set your room temp to between 65-67 degrees. It’s proven that people sleep better when it’s cold.

  12. Block out every bit of light. (Brendon travels with electrical tape to cover lights around the hotel room + seal the space between shades and windows.)

  13. 5-10 minutes of stretching and mobility before bed (yoga, calisthenics, lay on the ground to open hips, happy baby, runners lunge, lay flat on your back on the floor to let the vertebrae fall into place while focusing on breath).

  14. Drop into peace + gratitude and release the energy of the day

  15. Consider softly the questions that Brendon ponders each night. The answer isn’t always yes, he says, but if he felt he was vibrant, that he loved today, led with his heart, that he was vulnerable and caring, that he stayed on path… Then today was a good day.

  16. Did I live?

  17. Did I love?

  18. Did I matter today?

  19. Brandon’s nightly peace offering right before falling asleep:

  20. “Thank you so much for this beautiful day. I hope that I served well. I want to release all of the energy and all of the emotions of this day. I would love to sleep tonight peacefully all through the evening… There is nothing from this day that will come into tomorrow. I have done all that I can. The day is over. The emotions are over. Work is complete. There is nothing for me to do until I wake up well rested and excited for the day. The day is over. I appreciate the opportunity to live today, God/Universe. Thank you for the opportunity to serve my audience. Thank you for this work I get to do. Thank you for Denise my wife. Thank you for the health of my family who are still here. Thank you for all of our fans and friends and people around the world who support us and believe in us and allow us to serve and support our mission. Lord/Universe please allow me to rest tonight.”

Sweet dreams and Zzzzzs :)