Controlling the Controllables

Hi Thrive Tribe. Happy Saturday.

The world feels pretty crazy right now, and I get the sense that we're all craving a bit of extra empowerment, clarity and support. I know I am :) That's why I've hopped onto my newsletter to share some of my go-to tips for:

1) Personal Inspiration,

2) Immune System Boosting, and

3) Controlling the Controllables.

All of my clients know how big I am on controlling what is within our power... Why? Because that's A WHOLE LOT, despite what we've been lead to believe. (For example, Type 2 Diabetes is 100% reversible, gut health is probably the leading indicator of overall health + future disease risk, and lifestyle medicine can resolve 90% of the chronic disease we see today.)

It's nice to be reminded that you truly are in the driver's seat, and I find that what helps me the most is not only when:

1) I use all of the tools in my toolbox, but also

2) When I learn new, simple tools that I can begin implementing right away.

So! I hope that the tools I've shared below resonate with you! ♥ Sending my love, always.

xx, Jen


A Tool for the Physical Body... Without Leaving the House :)

Alo Moves app. 14-day free trial. Then $8 per month for a year.

This is perfect for those of us who have to stay put for the next 2+ weeks. I personally started using Alo Moves after recently retiring from playing pro soccer. I'm honestly so hooked on it! It's an online + mobile yoga, fitness and meditation app and the instructors do a great job of keeping my attention, building full body strength and toning the booty. It caters to all levels and you can choose classes based on how much time you have (I prefer doing multiple, 15-20 minute classes spread throughout the day vs 1 long 45-60 minute class).

For perspective: A single drop in class for a given yoga studio can range from $8-$35. This deal is so, so good and you can access it anywhere!

My go-to classes right now within the app are:

The 7 Chakras Series


Journey to Handstand


Radical Acceptance - For What We Can't Control

An inspirational interview with Lady Gaga and Oprah.

Interestingly, for what we can't control, radical acceptance often gives us back our power.


This Is Part of My Personal Cold/Flu + Immune System Boosting Protocol*

I do this for ~7 days. FYI this is not something I do consistently. Only at the first sign of a cold/flu or on an as needed basis... Aka like right now. I included links to the products I currently use.

1000-2000mg Vitamin C, one to two times daily (less if loose stools develop)

40-50mg zinc citrate or picolinate**

A probiotic similar to this one (AM and PM)

For extra support, astragalus twice daily in my tea or smoothies, just 2 days a week

Organic, grass fed bone broth on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and between meals during the day as desired.

Lots of fresh air in the sunshine and out in nature :) This actually works!

*Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your supplement routine.

**For this Thorne product, if you haven't ordered from Thorne yet and want to then respond to this newsletter. I can send you a referral link and save you $25 on your initial order!


My Go-To for Immune System Boosting

Here's how I currently use my On-Guard:

  1. A drop on the bottom of my feet before bed and when I wake up in the morning. When you do this it will reach every cell in your body in ~20 minutes. I like to apply it up my spine and on pulse points too (the back of the neck, elbow creases). PS: I avoid direct sun exposure for 12 hours after using oils and especially citrus.

  2. I will use a veggie cap and take a drop internally with food when I want an extra boost.

  3. In the mornings I will put a drop in my mouth with a tablespoon of oil when doing my oil pulling to get rid of overnight bacteria.

  4. I'm finishing up invisalign so I like to add a drop to the water that I soak my retainers in first thing in the morning.

  5. Sometimes I'll put a drop on my toothpaste (the wild orange in On Guard is great for teeth whitening).

  6. I like to add On Guard to water and vinegar in a glass spay bottle to clean the surfaces in my house.


This Inspired Me ♥


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