Student Athlete Mentorship Program

12 Months, 24 Sessions

Welcome to the Student Athlete Mentorship Program (SAMP) for elite female student athletes. If you are interested in signing up for the SAMP then the first step is the Health History, a 90 minute virtual Zoom call with Jen. Click on the button below to book your Health History today. So that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the Health History please read the entire Health History description within the Calendly event. If you can't find a time that works for you please email

This program is specifically designed for female student athletes (15-21+ years old) who are looking to take their game, health, mindset, relationships and life to the next level.

This is some of the most rewarding work that I do! I empower my student athletes with all of the tools that I have learned along the way, with the ultimate goal for them to be better than me. For more details on my personal story and qualifications please click here.


I am passionate about supporting our youth in leading conscious, deliberate and thriving lives based on the values of integrity, hard work and self reflection. I work with a diverse age group, starting at 13 year olds through college. Each age group has their own unique challenges and themes which we work through during a 12 month program. While the foundation of each program is the same, regardless of age, each individual receives a personalized mentorship experience based on their unique goals, needs and interests. 

I work exclusively with a student athlete without the parent. I have tremendous success with this approach because it his helps us to develop a deep sense of trust and safe space for sharing, learning and growth.

Each program includes:

  1. Two 90 minute Zoom sessions per month for 12 months (24 total sessions). We meet once every two weeks on the same date and time each month.​ Valued at $450 USD / Month.

    1. Additional Sessions and increased, 1-1 access to me? Clients have the option to schedule additional sessions on an as needed/desired basis at a rate of $150 USD per hour.

  2. A Detailed Follow Up Email After Each Session containing updates to your protocol, my personalized recommendations for you and tools to support your goals + rebalancing. Valued at $50 / Month.​​

  3. Weekday text and audio message support between sessions to ensure you feel supported. I typically respond same day or within 2-12 hours to text and audio messages. Valued at $25 USD / Month.

  4. The offline research, preparation and time I dedicate to preparing for the success of each session. Valued at $150 USD / Month.

  5. Bonuses:

    1. ​As one of the 24 sessions: A Virtual Home Pantry Makeover.

    2. Weekday email support. For emails that are not urgent, I guarantee a response within 72 hours.

    3. Educational resources related to your unique needs and interests (podcast recommendations, relevant handouts, videos, books, etc).

    4. Specific Annual Lab Work Marker Recommendations to obtain through your PCP, when appropriate, and my analysis of results + recommendations. 

    5. Functional Medicine Lab Recommendations, when appropriate, and my analysis of results + recommendations.

  6. The cost of this program does not include labs, food or nutritional supplements.​

This year long program includes, but is not limited to, my 1-1 support in:

  1. Creating a Powerful 6 Month Goal + Plan, and a reverse, engineered roadmap to get there. Since this is a 12 month program we will do this twice.

  2. Navigating the recruiting process (creating and ranking your top list of schools, creating a high quality Player Resume, email templates to coaches, education and empowerment on the recruiting process 'rules' and what to expect, etc).

  3. Communication and body language skills to improve self confidence, performance, and leadership.

  4. Navigating Life transitions (such as high school to college),

  5. How to fuel your body like a pro and develop a healthy, nourishing relationship with fueling our bodies

  6. Optimizing Athletic Performance and Recovery

  7. Emotional Resilience and Mental Health (to live a joyful, thriving life)

  8. Creating a Wellness Routine to support you for the rest of your life

  9. How to Maintain and Cultivate High Quality Friendships and Intimate Relationships

  10. Cultivating a Mindset of Excellence

  11. Sleep Hygiene + Optimization Tools

  12. Time management

  13. Athletic performance

  14. Technical/Tactical development tools

  15. Game film breakdown + analysis, and beyond!

Through education, inspiration and empowerment, together we create diet, lifestyle and mindset habits to form the foundation for the rest of your life.


$675 USD Per Month

(Weekly Payment Plans are available upon request.)

This investment comes out to $22.50 per Day.

*After completing the foundation of your first 12 months you may decide to renew if mutually agreed upon. This renewal can be for a shorter program length based on your needs/goals. Or you can choose to meet with me on an as needed basis in the future.​