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Cybill came to me looking to lose weight and reverse her prediabetes. After 14 months of working together Cybill lost 24 pounds and fully reversed her elevated blood sugar levels.


"I have been on a  journey of weight loss most of my adult life (yo-yo-ing) and have tried everything! I was in search of another “something”  to help me finally realize my goals of losing weight (and keeping it off!)  and not following the path to diabetes like others in my family. Little did I know when I crossed paths with Jen what a treasure of information and a gift she would be to my life. 


Jen guided me to find concrete practices that made sense to me. Simple steps that would set me up for daily success. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am still “working at it” because some of it now has become second nature. 


Being Intuitive, holistic, and gentle are just some of Jen’s super powers. But it was her attuned listening, detailed follow-up and follow-through that made her such a support to me. In a natural and completely unobtrusive manner our conversations led me to reflect on so many different aspects of my life - and the impact of their interconnectedness on me. 


Looking back to over a year ago when I started working with Jen, I never thought I would be as successful as I am. Even more importantly I am armed with the tools to sustain that success. She helped me create habits that will be lifelong routines. The most significant overall change is that for the first time I am not afraid of  falling out of wellness and gaining the weight back. I have learned so much about myself. This awareness steers me to make the right choices for myself and allows me to course-correct when I need it. When I “fall” I know how to get right back up, because I finally know how to. This was never more necessary, than now during these difficult times. It keeps me grounded and helps me to remember to focus on self-care to continue to be my best self. 


“I continue to realize how much I've grown and I'm excited about who I will continue to be”


Thank you Jen!! xoxo”


For more details on Cybills improvement in her blood work markers: She is now in the high 80s for fasting blood sugar and in the 4s with fasting insulin (HbA1C was not re-tested by her doctor). Her LDL cholesterol came down 33 points from 101 to 68. Additionally, her triglycerides came down 29 points from 93 to 64, and her Triglyceride to HDL ratio came down from 2.51 to 1.82. (For reference: The lipid factors most predictive of cardiovascular disease in the typical lipid panel are elevated triglycerides and low HDL. The 25% of Americans with the highest T/HDL ratio have over 15 times more heart related events than the quartile whose ratios were the lowest.)


According to her Symptom Checker, a tool for determining an individual’s total toxic load, Cybill saw a 68% reduction in her total toxic load.

Cybill, 46,

Assistant High School Principal, Nutrition & Lifestyle 24 Program

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