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Nicole Baxter

Professional Soccer Player

3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

26 Years Old

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John R. Copeland

Father of a current Student Athlete Client

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Jet Fighter Pilot

Nutrition & Lifestyle 12

30 Years Old

To say that Jen’s work was pivotal for my physical and mental performance would be a vast understatement.  I entered her program struggling to healthily sustain 12-16 hour days between my work as a jet instructor pilot, my training to maintain the physical fitness levels required for that job, and my evening graduate school courses.  I recognized that I had gotten myself into several unsustainable cycles, with excessive caffeine intake and poor stress management techniques that drastically degraded my nutrition.  To further these issues, my unique schedule fluctuations inherent in the flying operations tempo meant most common solutions didn’t work for my lifestyle.  More importantly, I was excited to work with Jen because we both recognized that my students and fellow instructors often struggled with similar issues in what can be an incredibly grueling pilot training program, and that there was a much larger community that could benefit from her knowledge and insight.

My goal entering Jen’s program was to build sustainable habit patterns and routine modules that could help pilots and pilot trainees optimize their performance both in and out of the jet.  Within the first week of the program, Jen had made hugely impactful suggestions and was able to not just assuage symptoms of the inherently stressful environment, but attack root causes to create long-term solutions.  For example, she was quick to recognize that the major contributor to my issues with sustained energy levels and sleep quality were directly linked to the adrenaline required for flying, and that by cutting that adrenal response as soon as it was no longer needed it would allow me significantly more energy throughout the day and deeper sleep quality.  Jen’s thoughtful and personal approach to health coaching was evident in each meeting, where her recommendations were always direct, concise, and effective.  The unique challenges I brought to her were met with eager enthusiasm, and I cannot imagine a more uplifting and invigorating approach to improving a client’s quality of life.  I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone who feels that they have more room to grow, that they have more to experience and enjoy… perhaps even, that they have a desire to thrive.

John R. Copeland

Father of a current Student Athlete Client


Student Athlete Mentorship Program

7+ Months

16 Years Old

"Before we started working together, I had many challenges with food (how to effectively fuel my body and eat properly). I had so many imbalances, and the one that jumps out the most were the migraines. I just wasn't doing well mentally and you could see the effects physically.


Since working together, I definitely have a better mindset: about myself, life in general, how to be more productive, how to be more mentally healthy overall, and how to put myself first and not feel guilty about it. I’ve learned how to look for imbalances and fix them so it doesn't manifest into bigger problems (such as the migraines I used to get). That has been a huge help and I've just gained so much. I've learned how to communicate better, how to eat better, and what I need to do to become my best self.


And if you told me 5 months ago that this is who you'll become if you just put in the effort and work with Jen... I wouldn't have believed that. And it seems like such a short time for such a drastic change, and of course we're still working together, but i'm just so grateful that i've grown so much, I have such a better perspective, and have so many more tools that I can use for different situations (that I definitely did not have before).

It's so important to learn about these things (nutrition, relationships, self care, mindset, intuitive eating, proper hydration) because I have no idea and now I feel so much power and I'm still learning so much. It's amazing, wow!


Jen’s experiences might be different from mine, but it’s nice to have someone that I can trust because I know that if something doesn’t work for me I can always tell her and we’ll come up with a new solution. I know that she is coming from a place of 100% wanting to help, not wanting to sell something."

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Student Athlete Mentorship Program

2+ Years

17 Years Old

“Before we started working together I lacked confidence in relationships, myself and in what I wanted. Nutritionally I wasn’t making the healthiest decisions for myself. I wasn’t feeling right in my own body.


Jen basically helps me with everything: nutrition, relationships, fitness, thriving in my own body. She knows exactly how to help people with that, it works really well and she’s really good at it. I remember basically everything we talk about because she teaches it in a way that I am able to apply it every single day.


Now I feel cleaner. I feel better about myself. I feel more confident. I feel balanced. Jen helped me go from zero to 100. She helped me grow from a girl into a young woman. She played a big part in that.”



Digital Communication Specialist

Nutrition & Lifestyle 6 Month Program

28 Years Old

“Before starting with Jen I suffered from daily allergies, headaches and GI problems. All of my symptoms have vastly improved! Jen helped me create so many small habits while encouraging me and holding me accountable that now I do them without thinking.  Jen helps you to make small changes that have a big impact on your overall health. She meets you where you’re at and takes slow baby steps to help build you up.  Oftentimes I wasn’t even aware of the changes I was making until we would look back. By accomplishing goals this way it really helps you to adapt them as part of your life.

My top three goals upon starting my 6 month program were:

  1. Establish healthy sleep habits 

  2. Establish healthy eating/movement plan

  3. Find new hobbies 

Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by providing consistent support, feedback, encouragement and guidance. Jen was great with coming up with plans for my goals and how to achieve them and I just had to stick with them. It used to be so difficult for me to get started but Jen has always provided the extra push I needed. 

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been  a pretty big decrease in my symptoms on the symptom checker (On Candace’s symptom checker, a tool for determining an individual’s total toxic load, her total toxic load decreased by 43%). Before starting with Jen I suffered from daily allergies, headaches and GI problems. All of my symptoms have vastly improved! 

The most significant, overall change I have noticed has been a better appreciation for myself and why I do all the things I do to take care of myself! 

I used to have so much trouble with consistency and creating habits. Jen helped me create so many small habits while encouraging me and holding me accountable that now I do them without thinking. They are just part of my daily routine now. Things such as what I eat for lunch and breakfast, weekly weigh-ins (these just help give me data about my body), tongue scraping for oral health, daily walks, and staying hydrated. 

Additionally I never thought I would be able to stay off dairy - a pretty big food sensitivity for me. Even several weeks after completing the program I am mostly dairy free. When I do have dairy it’s usually just organic grass fed butter or an ice cream treat with a friend. I no longer crave cheese like I did before and am honestly a bit turned off by it now. 

I would describe Jen as warm, outgoing, approachable, comforting, encouraging and thoughtful.

I would recommend Jen to literally ANYONE! I think it so important to take some time getting to know your body and Jen is such a great guide through that process!”



Team USA Triathlete + Research Analyst

Nutrition & Lifestyle 3 Month Program

26 Years Old

“I would describe Jen as SUCH a sweetheart who always has your best interest in mind. Beyond the attention she gives in sessions, she diligently addresses your goals with a broader, program view in mind, and regularly shares helpful, well-researched information between sessions. She is very accessible, and you always feel supported during your time with her. Working with her as an athlete was so helpful given her firsthand experience implementing the changes she recommends to her diet and supplement regime.

My top three goals upon starting my 3 month program were:

  1. Figure out what is causing my sleep and energy levels to be so inconsistent

  2. Develop a healthier approach to self image and perception

  3. Determine what foods are making me feel inflammation and how to best fuel for performance and recovery. 

Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me examine the factors in my life that were causing me to feel stress and interfere with my optimum self - namely the hormones I was taking for contraception, my work life stress, my moving bedtimes, and my lack of confidence in my own work on myself and towards my goals. We addressed ways to incorporate healthy habits into my life in a manageable way, and acknowledge my own power as an athlete, worker, and human. We also determined which foods were likely contributors to stomach issues and inflammation and worked to eliminate them from my diet. This was huge for me, as I had zero stomach issues leading up to the first race of the season for the first time ever.  Jen also helped me realize the pressure I was putting on myself to perform athletically and as a worker and reframe the expectations I put on myself for performance and time spent on both work and training. She emphasized quality over quantity, which I’m still incorporating in my approach to both areas of my life.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been fewer issues with my digestive health! I couldn’t believe how long I was needlessly suffering from headaches and stomach discomfort. (On Sam’s symptom checker, a tool for determining an individual’s total toxic load, her toxicity reduced by 49% in just three months.) Incorporating much more protein and vegetables into my diet has helped me feel lighter and recover more thoroughly from workouts. Also significant is the incredible reduction in mucus that would interfere with my breathing in workouts. Having that almost entirely gone is absolutely amazing for me.

I also have a much greater awareness of what my body is actually asking for when it feels a certain way. “The body and its wisdom” is a phrase I regularly think back to now thanks to Jen! Realizing that I do in fact need a lot more sleep than I was regularly getting was such a game changer. 

The most significant, overall change I have noticed has been feeling much more open to the different forms my life could take. For so long I’ve been very cautious about setting big goals for myself because I was afraid of failure and disappointment. What I thought was a habit that was protecting myself turned out to keep me locked into unhelpful habits and not taking chances. I feel a lot more positively about taking risks and accomplishing big dreams now!

What I found most powerful was realizing just how many things I was putting up with that I didn’t register as being a problem, and addressing them in a powerful, sustainable way. The Circle Of Life activity was particularly inspiring, as I was able to compare my state of mind across different periods of time and recognize the growth I was experiencing across various areas of my life. What has really been reinforced to me thanks to my work with Jen is the importance of frequent check ins with yourself. Asking “how am I really doing?” and regularly reevaluating your baseline level of energy/happiness is so critical to continued growth.” 

I would recommend Jen to anyone who is struggling in their day-to-day energy levels and happiness and is having a hard time understanding why. I would also recommend her to anyone who wants to holistically fine tune their connections with their bodies and minds.”



Management Consultant

Nutrition & Lifestyle 6

26 Years Old

"I not only feel better physically, I feel better mentally and am more confident.

The support Jen provides was almost as valuable at the guidance she provides. Throughout a health journey it’s super helpful to have a good support system and Jen led that for me during our time through the pandemic. Her positivity, patience, and flexibility to work with me and my unique challenges/preferences helped me believe that I’m capable of making lasting positive change for myself. I can be hard on myself and Jen helped me celebrate the successes I did have and the progress I did make, rather than the little imperfections I had in following her guidance. I strongly believe everyone is better by interacting with someone as supportive, real, and mindful as Jen. 

Prior to my work with Jen I honestly didn’t think it was possible for me to get back to a healthy weight in a healthy way. After college, I stopped playing sports as I was burnt out and in 5 years, had only gained weight without any periods of losing weight. I had tried some unsuccessful exercise regimens and eliminations of foods, and didn’t really see a way for me to lose weight while still enjoying the meals I like. Jen helped me by introducing new, healthier, tasty meals and coaching me through how to shop for the ingredients and how to cook the meals, so that the execution was fairly easy. Her general meal templates also make it easy to sustain the health benefits I achieved while working with her and keep the weight off. With Jen’s guidance and support I have been able to find the balance between eating healthy and still eating some favorite foods that are less healthy. I feel so much more in control of my weight and diet which I don’t think I would have achieved without Jen’s guidance and support."

Cybill (1).jpg


Assistant High School Principal

1+ Year Nutrition & Lifestyle 24 Program

46 Years Old

Cybill came to me looking to lose weight and reverse her prediabetes. After 14 months of working together Cybill lost 24 pounds and fully rebalanced her elevated blood sugar levels.

"I have been on a  journey of weight loss most of my adult life (yo-yo-ing) and have tried everything! I was in search of another “something”  to help me finally realize my goals of losing weight (and keeping it off!)  and not following the path to diabetes like others in my family. Little did I know when I crossed paths with Jen what a treasure of information and a gift she would be to my life. 


Jen guided me to find concrete practices that made sense to me. Simple steps that would set me up for daily success. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am still “working at it” because some of it now has become second nature. 

Being Intuitive, holistic, and gentle are just some of Jen’s super powers. But it was her attuned listening, detailed follow-up and follow-through that made her such a support to me. In a natural and completely unobtrusive manner our conversations led me to reflect on so many different aspects of my life - and the impact of their interconnectedness on me. 

Looking back to over a year ago when I started working with Jen, I never thought I would be as successful as I am. Even more importantly I am armed with the tools to sustain that success. She helped me create habits that will be lifelong routines. The most significant overall change is that for the first time I am not afraid of  falling out of wellness and gaining the weight back. I have learned so much about myself. This awareness steers me to make the right choices for myself and allows me to course-correct when I need it. When I “fall” I know how to get right back up, because I finally know how to. This was never more necessary than now during these difficult times. It keeps me grounded and helps me to remember to focus on self-care to continue to be my best self. 

I continue to realize how much I've grown and I'm excited about who I will continue to be.

Thank you Jen!! xoxo”

For more details on Cybill's improvement in her blood work markers:


She is now in the high 80s for fasting blood sugar and in the 4s with fasting insulin (HbA1C was not re-tested by her doctor). Her LDL cholesterol came down 33 points from 101 to 68. Additionally, her triglycerides came down 29 points from 93 to 64, and her Triglyceride to HDL ratio came down from 2.51 to 1.82. (For reference: The lipid factors most predictive of cardiovascular disease in the typical lipid panel are elevated triglycerides and low HDL. The 25% of Americans with the highest T/HDL ratio have over 15 times more heart related events than the quartile whose ratios were the lowest.)

According to her Symptom Checker, a tool for determining an individual’s total toxic load, Cybill saw a 68% reduction in her total toxic load.




1.5+ Year Nutrition & Lifestyle 24 Program

58 Years Old

"She is awesome. I have never felt so supported in my life. I would recommend Jen to EVERYONE! If you have felt thwarted in the past by an inability to feel “safe” in sharing your feelings with others and a defeatist attitude, Jen is the best at mitigating and obliterating those barriers.

Jen is incredibly knowledgeable about a host of healthy habits that extend beyond what to eat. She helps with goal setting, reflection, and habits of mind. A soft and fuzzy pit-bull. Gentle, sweet, loving and relentless!

My top three goals upon starting my year long program were 1) to stop the cycle of lose/gain/lose/gain, 2) to be able to recognize when I quit using strategies that were working, and 3) to feel strong and confident during a family vacation.

Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by reflecting my words back to me, and reminding me of what I want and need to do to succeed. She was relentless in keeping my goals in front of me.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been: I know when I am “off” and I am no longer ok with it. It’s easier to jump back into my healthy habits.

I am really glad Jen is doing this. I think it’s the right work for her. Her passion comes across, and that will help other people."

A Quick Summary of Anna's Progress: 

Anna lost over 25 pounds during our 12 months together. Her self love increased, her taste buds changed, she naturally started gravitating toward healthy food choices because of how they made her feel, she adopted a workout routine that energizes her, she got married to the love of her life, and she felt so confident on her wedding day.

"I made changes that I didn't think I could make. Now my confidence is up." 

Here's a quote of Anna reflecting on an event she attended, 9 months into our work together: “I went to a wedding on Saturday. I felt so confident. I felt as confident as I have felt in a very long time. When I looked in the mirror in my dress I bought 5 years ago and have never worn, I exclaimed, ‘Oh, I look adorable.’” :) 

Reflecting on the journey: "I'm meeting my emotional goals... I like when I see myself in the mirror... I'm accepting this now as a journey, as a process. It's given me the confidence that I can do certain things."



1 Year Student Athlete Mentorship Program

17 Years Old

“I just want to thank you first of all. You’ve really taught me to be positive and give grace to myself. I’m learning to forgive myself for my struggles and for my mistakes and hardship. You’ve pushed me to be who I want to be. You’ve pushed me to be a better version of me so thank you so much for that. I can genuinely say you’ve been a large positive role model in my life… You really have created such a positive impact in my life…. Thank you for everything, Jen!!”


“You’ve become more of my mentor or someone I can come to when I need help. You’ve educated me a lot on diet and my body… I’ve listened and I’ve kept all of your advice and everything I’ve learned from you.”


The #1 thing Jill is most proud of from our work together is “having these new tools to be able to be more healthy and also mentally healthy.”


Prior to our work together Jill didn’t think this was possible for herself: “Having a positive mindset about working out and eating healthy, though it’s not always positive, you’ve changed my mindset on this greatly and I’m proud that I can actually hold a positive mindset towards doing better for my body.”


I use a symptom checker at the start of each program to evaluate a client’s total toxic load. Jill started at 61 and finished at 25, purely from gradual diet, lifestyle and mindset shifts. Even in the absence of doing annual lab work or functional medicine testing we were able to reduce her total toxic load by nearly two thirds! :)


Content Writer

1 Month* Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

24 Years Old

"My top three goals upon starting the 1 month program were: 1) Support a new and extra busy schedule, 2) Get more energy and build strength, 3) Move towards a more plant-based diet and reduce salt/sugar intake, and 4) (bonus) Support my mental health.

Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me build a custom, comprehensive food plan. And, she really listened to the areas where I was finding roadblocks and always knew how to find options and creative solutions that work for me.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been I have lost 15 pounds and am continuing to make better choices in my diet and exercise routine! 

Though my weight is lower than it's been in 5+ years, the biggest change is that I care less about the number and more about how I feel. Jen helped me improve not only my physical health but my overall lifestyle!

I would describe Jen as an intuitive, helpful, caring, and uniquely qualified health expert. She is someone who invests in her clients and goes the extra mile to understand what you need from her and the program. She's full of helpful information and makes sure to share it in a way that is directly helpful to whatever goals you are looking to achieve.

I would recommend Jen to anyone looking to go beyond just losing weight and develop an altogether healthier lifestyle that sticks! She will meet you where you are and find a way to support your goals and help you reach them.

The work you do with Jen will continue to give you results even after the program is finished! I still refer back to my notes (not to mention the great recipes). Thank you, Jen!"

(*This 1 month program is no longer offered.)


Police Officer

Nutrition & Lifestyle 12 Program

42 Years Old

"My top three goals upon starting the six month program were: 1) Weight Loss, 2) Gain Knowledge about better nutrition, 3) Lower blood sugar.


Jen was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me the knowledge to accomplish my goals.  Jen gave me thorough and complete answers to all of my questions. When I asked for information, she went out of her way to make sure I got the information and made sure I understood it.

I have lost weight, lowered my blood sugar and have been able to change my diet to healthier and more natural foods; and most importantly,  I can live and sustain this way of eating for a long time.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my weight loss. I have lost about 20 pounds.

I would describe Jen as passionate, knowledgeable and caring. She has a strong desire to help and see others succeed.

I would recommend Jen in a heartbeat. I would strongly recommend Jen to anyone needing help."

An Update on John's Progress:

Over the past 7 months since concluding our work together, John has continued to gradually and sustainably lose weight while improving his blood sugar levels. He is now down 27 pounds and counting... "His lowest weight in years”.


Information Technology

2 Month* Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

48 Years Old

"When I started working with Jen I was not satisfied with food and I was gaining weight. I felt like I was doing everything right...

The final straw for me was being diagnosed with Acid Reflux on top of existing thyroid, allergy issues and still needing to lose another 35 pounds after changing my diet and going to the gym for 2 years. I love food but, I didn’t want to take another pill for the rest of my life. I thought there had to be another way, this can’t be my life at 48 years old. Moving away from unnecessary medications that are trying to fix a symptom of another medication just seems like freedom and empowerment for a long life lived well. I am so glad I took a chance at discovering the balance that I can truly have in my life. The goals I had set for myself were accomplished, although I realized that this was only the beginning of the journey. It’s opened up so much more learning and possibilities for better health and a more fulfilled life in which I could have imagined.

Jen truly opened a door and showed me a path. A lot of hard work in the beginning and there were challenges; however, Jen stepped me through this process and guided me and I never felt alone, judged or like I wasn’t on the right path. The results are for me, a new way of being and a new way to have energy for all of the other things I want to accomplish in my life. Jen has a very calming and reassuring manner with a lot of enthusiasm for your learning and well- being. She also keeps you accountable for the health plan you are seeking which is a sign of a good Health Coach and a great partnership for a balanced life. I thought I was doing well with going to the gym and losing a lot of weight however, there is a whole other level that I was missing out on. I look forward to working with Jen again on some future health goals as I learn to incorporate what I’ve already learned.

Now that my health is getting better I want to focus on building a career. More learning. I love it.”


A Quick Summary on Vicki's Progress:

After a custom 2 month program, Vicki's acid reflux has disappeared. She lost nearly 20 pounds (and counting) and she has seen dramatic improvement in her sleep, energy levels and digestion!

(*This 2 Month program is no longer offered.) 


Family Health Coach

Nutrition & Lifestyle 12 Program

40 Years Old

"Jen has provided tremendous value to me in working towards my goals by providing a supportive, non-judgemental space dedicated to my biggest challenges and questions. It’s hard to put into words how valuable being able to talk through issues with someone is as a way of clarifying and outlining next steps of action. With Jen’s help not only did I achieve all three of my goals in working with her but many more as well, and thoroughly enjoyed the process!

I feel energized and optimistic after each session with Jen!  The biggest change is that my family is consistently eating healthy real food meals and we have tremendous collaboration between my husband my two older daughters (11 and 13) and myself in taking turns preparing meals.  This has been such a gift to see that my daughters are learning to value cooking and eating healthy!

Jen is tremendously compassionate, knowledgeable, inspiring and fun to talk to!  I look forward to each session because I am certain that I will walk away for more useful information, a clear action plan and inspiration to make it happen!"