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Thrive Student Athlete

Who Benefits from this Program?

Student Athletes looking to maximize performance on the field and in the classroom while promoting a balanced, wholesome life.

How would it feel to achieve your academic and athletic goals while feeling more healthy and fit than ever? What if I also said that you could do this while still having time for the things you love? I get it. School, sports, extracurriculars, late nights, prepping for standardized tests, college recruiting... It can be VERY stressful and overwhelming. I want to help you navigate the process and enjoy the journey while creating the foundation to achieve your goals for yourself!

Why I Bring Value to Student Athletes

  1. As a Princeton University graduate, former Division I soccer player and 7 year professional athlete, I know what it takes to make it to the elite level in both athletics and academics.

    • In my house academics was always the #1 priority.

    • Through middle and high school I was a multi-sport athlete. This meant that I had to balance my time and energy commitments between academics, school sports, club soccer, family and fun!

    • acknowledge that every child and family is different.

    • I've struggled, I've learned. I struggled with long term digestive issues that I didn't understand. Over time, through my own extensive research and work with an Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor, I connected the dots to learn how the food I was putting in my body was playing a significant role in my digestive troubles. Even though I ate a considerably healthy diet, my body was reacting with inflammation which compromised my energy levels and performance. At this stage in my career, much more than ever before, I understand the role that food, mindset and lifestyle play in reaching the elite academic and athletic level.

    • Getting to the elite level is one thing. Staying there, while achieving success through hard work and balance, is another. My senior year at Princeton (2012-13) I received the Sportswoman of the Year Award and was recognized as an NSCAA All-American and Ivy League Player of the Year. My team won the Ivy League Championship that season. Shortly thereafter I was drafted by Chicago and received my first call ups to the U-23 National Team.

  2. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I have honed my skills in optimizing nutrition and lifestyle to act as a catalyst for my clients in pursuit of their personal health and wellness goals. I pair my own extensive experience as a successful student-athlete with a holistic, big picture approach to my coaching. To maximize achievement, health and fun, I listen to my clients and take into consideration all areas of a student-athlete's life.

Relevant Issues for Student Athletes

Do your energy levels support you every day, in the classroom and on the soccer field?

Are you falling asleep at school?

Do you have test or competition anxiety?

Are you more stressed than is good for you?

Are your choices not maximizing your health and happiness?

Are your time management skills supporting your elite academic and athletic goals?

Are you unsure how to support yourself in healthy nutrition?

Are you eating a “clean diet” but you just can’t seem to reach or maintain your peak fitness?

Are you hoping to attend a university and searching for a qualified mentor to guide you through the process?

I know what it takes to play Division I, pro and internationally. Would you like to understand how my experience can assist you in achieving your goals?

Of course there will be trade offs and sacrifices, but how do you balance academics, athletics, community involvement, your spirituality and social time?

What's Included

I cater to my clients and what works best for them. I offer a variety of programs outlined below, all of which can be modified to meet your needs.

3 Month Program (6 sessions)

  • Two 50 Minute Sessions for 3 Months (6 Sessions)

  • Free Handouts, Resources and Recipes Personalized for You

  • Email Support Between Sessions to Ensure You Feel Supported Throughout

  • The Offline Research I Do to Support Your Program and Success

  • My Go-To Podcast and Book Recommendations

  • Healthy Home Pantry Makeover

6 Month Program (12 sessions)

  • Two 50 Minute Sessions for 6 Months (12 sessions)

  • Free Handouts and Resources Personalized for You

  • Email & Text Support Between Sessions To Ensure You Feel Supported Throughout

  • The Offline Research I Do to Support Your Program and Success

  • My Go-To Podcast and Book Recommendations

  • My Full List of Healthy Homemade Recipes

  • Healthy Home Pantry Makeover

Please contact me for more information or to sign up. See FAQs for more details.

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